Lucky number three. Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival 2016 (August 19th-21st)

AJ Sawari, Best in Show, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The third edition of the show in Nowe Wrońska, part of the Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival, turned out to be lucky for guests from abroad. Gold medals and Ford cars went to Ajman (as many as three), Germany, Egypt and an owner from Saudi Arabia.

Fuerte, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Similarly to the previous two editions of the show, the quality was very high. Spectators could admire World Champion finalists – the three year old AJ Sawari(Marwan Al Shaqab – Siberia NA/Nuzyr HCF), who claimed the Best in Show trophy and the junior mare championship at this event, took the podium in Paris as World Silver Yearling Champion in 2014. Earlier she was crowned champion at Menton. So the Polish contestants had to face tough rivals – and this time it were the foreign owners that came out victorious. The only Polish horse with a gold medal was Fuerte(Shanghai EA – Frymuszka/Ekstern), bred by Jan Dobrzyński, owned by Sami Ben Saad. Fuerte has been unbeaten this season – he first won at Białka, then in Radom, later in Janów and finally in Nowe Wrońska.

Calateon, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Among Polish horses that also took the podium were: Michałów’s Poganinka (yearling silver mare) and Wieża Mocy (senior bronze mare), as well as the private-owned: El Shaad (silver yearling stallion), Elidus (bronze yearling stallion), Wasalia (bronze junior mare), Calateon (bronze junior stallion) and Psyche Keret (bronze senior stallion). Other medalists from abroad were: Felicia RLC (gold, Ajman), Inspired Najla (silver, Ajman), Aja Angelo (gold senior stallion, Egypt), Muranas Jassehr (silver senior stallion, Germany), Shiraz de Lafon (silver junior stallion, Belgium), Malikat Al Moluk (silver junior mare, Kuwait), Cyclone OS (gold yearling colt, UAE), AJ Nurai (gold yearling filly, Ajman) and Manaret Babel (bronze yearling filly, UAE).

Ring pokazowy w Nowych Wrońskach z lotu ptaka, fot. AKEAHF

The third edition of the Festival saw 119 horses entered, out of which 106 were presented in Nowe Wrońska. It seems that Allah kept watch over the organizers from Al Khalediah Poland, because the show was accompanied by beautiful, sunny weather and only on Sunday, during the racing day at Służewiec, the guests and competitors got caught by rain. AKEAHF is becoming an ideal end-of-summer event in the Polish show calendar. Charming surroundings, easy access, elegant infrastructure – all this makes more and more guests want to spend their weekend right here.

Sędziowie, DC, ringmaster, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

But of course the most important are the horses – and they did not disappoint. Numerously entered classes (at least six competitors each), fierce rivalry and valuable prizes – this is what distinguishes the Festival. This year the show was judged by: Christianne Chazel (France), Pilar Cavero Pino (Spain), Cedes Bakker (The Netherlands), Bruce McCrea (USA) and Tomasz Tarczyński (Poland); the role of ringmaster was served by Sten Schroll (Denmark), and the DC members included Piotr Szpotański (Poland), Laura Mascagna (Italy) and Kerstin Wisniowski (Germany). The results were processed by the Arabian Horse Results team.

A Friday with „20s”

AJ Nurai, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The younger horses and some of the seniors were presented on Friday. With the Festival’s musical motif playing in the background, composed by Artur Telakowiec, the arena was entered by yearling fillies of the A series (11 contestants), including a granddaughter of Emandoria, H Emalee H (Jaipur El Perseus – H Emandila J/El Nabila B), Michałów’s daughter of Emandoria, Emanolla (by Vitorio TO) and, the show opener, a representative of Ajman Stud, AJ Nurai (AJ Mardan – Ysadora/Marwan Al Shaqab), beautiful as a doll, with a chiselled head and red forelock. The judges assessed her very high – 91.75 – and she won the class before Emanolla, who impressed the judges with movement, receiving a 20 for this trait and 3×19.5 (final score: 91.63).

Poganinka, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

In the B series of the yearling fillies class (12 contestants) the best was Michałów’sPoganinka (El Omari – Pentra/Poganin), who also dazzled the judges with movement that Polish horses are famous for and received 3×20 for this trait. The result of 92.13 allowed her to easily win the class, before Manaret Babel (AJ Barzan – Munirah Al Bidayer/Marajj, 91.5), bred and owned by Babel Arabian Horse Stud (UAE).

Malikat Al Moluk, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The next class of two year old fillies also included 12 contestants. Victorious was Malikat Al Moluk(Mameluk – Asalat Al Hala/Al Bilal), bred by Halawa Khader (Israel) and owned by Al Khashab Stud (Kuwait), with a score of 92.25, including a 20 for type and 2×20 for head and neck. This grey mare is an example of beauty associated with Egyptian horses; she has charm, presence, a long, beautifully set neck and a head with a dished profile. The second place was taken by Falborek’s Wasalia (EKS Alihandro – Wasa/WH Justice) with a score of 91.88.

Trofea, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Ten three year old mares were the next to be witnessed on the Nowe Wrońska arena. The last to perform in this class was the soon-to-be winner of the entire show, AJ Sawari. She received many praises – all well deserved. Marwan Al Shaqab can be proud of such get. 3×20 for head and neck was obvious (the final score: 92.38) – you could simply not draw your eyes away from the bay beauty with a muzzle like a sea horse. Second placed Marina Tru (Trussardi – Melody/Psytadel), bred and owned by Małgorzata and Józef Pietrzak, with two top marks for movement (91.63), pursued in this area by Chrcynno-Palace’s Psyche Diana (FA El Shawan – Pomona/Ekstern) – fourth place in class, also with two 20s for movement (90.25).

Cyclone OS, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Less numerous were the junior stallion classes, which were scheduled to take place on Friday afternoon. There were 6 yearling stallions in each class. The best in the A series was the bay Cyclone OS (RFI Farid – Inspired Najla/Ajman Moniscione, 92.63), bred and owned by Gestüt Osterhof from Germany, with an exceptionally beautiful head and ideally shaped ears, who greatly outdistanced his rivals. The second spot in class was taken by Gaja Ramzes (Psyche Keret – Gaja Nike/Emigrant, 90.13) from Chrcynno-Palace Stud. The winner of the B series, Białka’s Elidus (HK Krystall – Elidia/Pegasus), „caught” the top mark for movement and defeated by a proverbial nose the son of FA El Shawan and El Estrada by Justify, bred by Józef Pietrzak – El Shaad (the same result of both contestants: 91.25). This group included only colts from Poland.

Shiraz de Lafon, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

In the two year old colts class (6 participants) the favorite was definitely the highly decorated Fuerte. And it was him that won, with a score of 91,75, before Primerius Emer (Emerald J – Poruta/Monogramm, 90.88), bred and owned by Anna Damman and Katarzyna Dolińska-Witkowska from Zalia Arabians. The three year old colts class (also 6 horses) had a leader in the shape of Shiraz de Lafon (Shanghai EA – Diacira/Khidar), bred by Mas de Lafon (France), owned by Christine Jamar (Belgium), a frequenter at Nowe Wrońska, because he came here already for the third time. But it was the first time that he won! The stallion clearly required time to mature and this year presented himself fantastically – he received one 20 for type and a second for head and neck. His final score was 91.13. Shiraz de Lafon is starting to resemble his sire Shanghai EA more and more, especially with his head. At second spot came the very masculine, strongly built, bay Calateon (Vitorio TO – Calatea/Ekstern, 90.75), bred and owned by Marek Kondrasiuk.

Wieża Mocy, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The last class presented on Friday was the 4-6 year old mares class. Ten participants of great beauty entered the arena, including Inspired Najla (who won a class at Nowe Wrońska two years ago), bred by Gerhard and Andrea Schick, owned by Ajman Stud, the dam of the colt Cyclone OS, winner of the yearling colts A series. Although she had such worthy rivals as Michałów’s Wieża Mocy (QR Marc – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern) and Emandorissa (Abha Qatar – Emanda/Ecaho) or Falborek’sWersa (Ekstern – Wasa/WH Justice), once again she proved superior. A mirror image of her sire Ajman Moniscione, she can boast an extremely pretty head (for which she received a 20) and ended her performance with a high score of 93 (incl. one more 20 for movement), which turned out to be the highest result of the show. Let’s add that she is out of Natalia by Narym. Behind Inspired Najla placed Wieża Mocy (92.38). Esima (Altis – Emanta/Pamir) from Falborek, with two 20s (for type and movement) was third.

And with that ended the first day of the show. A warm evening encouraged the guests to stay longer and exchange views over a good meal and classical live music performed by musicians from the Płock Symphonic Orquestra.

There is power

Felicia RLC, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The oldest mares opened the second day of the festival. Among 12 participants was the recent medalist from Janów, Białka’s Euspira (Gazal Al Shaqab – Euskara/Ararat) and Michałów’s stars Zigi Zana (QR Marc – Zagrobla/Monogramm) and Parmana (Al Maraam – Palmira/Monogramm), to mention just a few of the lovely ladies. Victorious was another representative of Ajman Stud – Felicia RLC, the bred in Brasil daughter of Shael Dream Desert and Camelia K by Donatello K. The judges showered her with top marks – she received a 20 for type and an entire row of 20s for head and neck! It was the only horse at Nowe Wrońska that managed this feat. However lower marks for movement determined that Felicia RLC’s score (92.25) turned out to be lower than her rival’s from the previous class, Inspired Najla.

Fot. Dominik Dziecinny

Felicia RLC is the dam of AJ Mardan (sire of AJ Azzam, a colt that triumphed here last year) and AJ Nurai, gold medalist of this here show. AJ Mardan himself claimed numerous accolades – he was, among others, the 2012 Yearling Champion in Aachen and the bronze medalist of the same category the same year in Paris. Later he proved himself as a sire, giving AJ Emana (out of Emandoria) and AJ Azzam, who wowed the judges and public a year ago not only in Nowe Wrońska, because he soon reached for the Triple Crown during title shows. And so we first watched the grandson take the highest laurels in Poland and now his granddam, who is not only a great broodmare (at 8 years of age she has a long career ahead of her), but also a show horse. Feminine, with a wonderful head and a larger, dark eye, she was a true queen of the ring. Behind her placed the owned by Alicja Napióra Marjjana VA (Marwan Al Shaqab – MI Khismit/Khemosabi), who in Nowe Wrońska gave a very successful performance, achieving 91.25 and bested Euspira (91.13), although the latter boasted as many as three 20s for movement.

Psyche Keret, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The senior stallion classes had six (4-6 year olds) and nine (7 years old and above) contestants. The best among the first class was the graduate of Chrcynno-Palace Stud,Psyche Keret (Khidar – Psyche Victoria/Ekstern, 91.75), behind him Feuer Jade(Ajman Moniscione – Neva Bint Volga/Pamour, 91.38). The oldest stallions class was extremely interesting, with several huge personalities meeting on the show arena.

Aja Angelo i Muranas Jassehr, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

Aja Angelo (WH Justice – Aja Aishaa/Ruger AMW), a graduate of Mr. and Mrs. Hickford of Aja Arabians, currently owned by Al Baydaa Stud from Egypt, bears (nomen omen) mane and tail as angelic hair. Muranas Jassehr (Major – Jana El Bri/CH El Brillo), in an Egyptian type, is the pupil of the eye of Michaela Weidner from Murana Arabians. The bred by Michał Bogajewicz World Reserve Champion from 2005,Girlan-Bey (Pesal – Gracja-Bis/Monogramm), the pride of the Kristoffersen family from Sweden, is competing fiercely on Polish arenas this season (a gold from Buksza and Radom). The son of Kwestura, Kabsztad (by Poganin) is a popular sire in private breeding in Poland. Eternal (FS Bengali – Ewitacja/Ganges), gleaming in the sun with his copper-colored coat, is the favorite of his breeders and owners from Nowa Mała Wieś, the Głowacki family; he also can be proud of his offspring. The winner in this group was Aja Angelo (92.13, incl. a 20 for type), before the just as handsome Muranas Jassehr (91.25).

Nagrody główne, fot. Dominik Dziecinny

The finals revealed leaders and winners, who returned home in Ford cars. This year waiting for the gold medalists were Rangers, B-Maxes and Kugas, whereas the owners of the horses who won silver and bronze medals took 8 and 6 thousand PLN, respectively. The top fives in all classes were awarded with 4 thousand PLN each. The Best in Show took a further 15 thousand PLN.

And so three cars (B-Max, Kuga and Ranger) joined the vehicle fleet of Ajman Stud or rather the one of the European training center when the horses of this owner stand (Frank Spönle Show Training). One Kuga went to Sami Ben Saad (Saudi Arabia), one (B-Max) to Osterhof Stud of the Stöckle family and one (Ranger) to Al Baydaa Stud.

Dyrektor generalny AKEAHF Hubert Kulesza, wraz z gośćmi honorowymi i Andrzejem Szalkowskim (AKF), wręcza upominki sędziom, fot. Dominik Dziecinny

AJ Nurai-Poganinka-Manaret Babel is the order of the yearling fillies finals, while triumphant in the male category were: Cyclone OS-El Shaad-Elidus (Cyclone OS was chosen unanimously as the winner). The order of the junior mares was: AJ Sawari-Malikat Al Moluk-Wasalia. The junior stallions: Fuerte-Shiraz de Lafon-Calateon. Both winners are sired by Shanghai EA, bred in Spain (Equus Arabians) and currently owned by Ajman Stud. The senior mares: Felicia RLC-Inspired Najla-Wieża Mocy, who owes her bronze medal to higher marks in class, because in the finals she received the same number of points as Marjjana VA. The gold and the silver mare are representatives of Ajman Stud. The senior stallions: Aja Angelo-Muranas Jassehr-Psyche Keret (Aja Angelo and Muranas Jassehr chosen unanimously; there was a draw between Psyche Keret and Feuer Jade, with the former jumping onto the podium thanks to higher marks in class).

Ring pokazowy w Nowych Wrońskach, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

And so came to an end the third show organized by the Polish branch of the Saudi Al Khalediah stud – Al Khalediah Poland. As it shows, Poland has potential as a show organizer, also for international ones. As a comparison, other B-class shows in Europe had much less horses entered: Nordic Open – 53, Scandinavian Open – 49, Elran Cup – 41, Emerald Trophy – 43, Berlin Arabian Horse Cup – 31, Ströhen – 48, Bruges Int. – 46, Tulip Cup – 70. The 106 horses presented on the arena in Nowe Wrońska placed this show in a completely different league. But also Polish shows affiliated as „N” (national) outdistance foreign competition: 119 horses came to Białka, 133 could be seen in Janów.

Poland has energy and has horses – and that is the most optimistic conclusion after the 2016 show season in our country.

Sunday at the races

Cakouet de Bozouls pod Szczepanem Mazurem, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

On the third day of the Festival the organizers invited guests to Warsaw’s Służewiec Racetrack, where during the Arabian Racing Day the race for the Al Khalediah Poland Cup (A cat.) took place – for 4 year old and older horses over 1,600 m, with prize money of 59,500 PLN. This time the weather was not favorable and the horses raced in a slight drizzle. Victorious was the French 4-year-old Cakouet de Bozouls(Dahess – Udjidor de Bozouls/Dormane), bred by Saint Faust, owned by Krzysztof Goździalski (Falborek Arabians), who purchased the horse at the Arqana auction in Saint-Cloud in October of 2014 for 50 thousand euro. The horse is trained by Maciej Jodłowski and was ridden by Szczepan Mazur. Before he was imported to Poland, Cakouet de Bozouls raced eight times in France. He won upon his debut and it was the first victory for a Polish-owned horse since 50 years at a French track. He was also second twice and third twice, winning a total of 31,450 euro. During the Al Khalediah Poland Cup Cakouet de Bozouls improved the track record of Vly Kossack from 2013 by 1.9 seconds with a result of 1’46,6″.

Dekoracja Cakoueta de Bozouls, fot. Ewa Imielska-Hebda

The fight for second spot took place between the Swedish Gazello (Nougatin – Gordaia/Damask), bred by J. Eng and owned by C. Olsen Agri ltd., trained by Bogdan Strójwąs, and last year’s reserve Derby winner Mufid (Akbars – Mukata Fata/KA Czubuthan), bred and owned by Janusz Ryżkowski and trained by Krzysztof Ziemiański. Gazello won by half a length.

Female Yearling Championship

AJ Nurai (AJ Mardan – Ysadora/Marwan Al Shaqab), br./o. Ajman Stud (UAE)
Poganinka (El Omari – Pentra/Poganin), br./o. Michałów Stud (Poland)
Manaret Babel (AJ Barzan – Munirah Al Bidayer/Marajj), br./o. Babel Arabian Horse Stud (UAE)

Male Yearling Championship

Cyclone OS (RFI Farid – Inspired Najla/Ajman Moniscione), br./o. Gestüt Osterhof (Germany)
El Shaad (FA El Shawan – El Estrada/Justify), br./o. Józef Pietrzak (Poland)
Elidus (HK Krystall – Elidia/Pegasus), br./o. Małopolska Hodowla Roślin w Krakowie, SO Białka (Poland)

Female Junior Chahmpionship

AJ Sawari (Marwan Al Shaqab – Siberia SA/Nuzyr HCF), br./o. Ajman Stud (UAE)
Malikat Al Moluk (Mameluk – Asalat Al Hala/Al Bilal), br. Halawa Khader (Israel), o. Al Khashab Stud (Kuwait)
Wasalia (EKS Alihandro – Wasa/WH Justice), br./o. Falborek Arabians (Poland)

Male Junior Championship

Fuerte (Shanghai EA – Frymuszka/Ekstern), br. Jan Dobrzyński (Poland), o. Sami Ben Saad (Saudi Arabia)
Shiraz de Lafon (Shanghai EA – Diacira/Khidar), br. Mas de Lafon (France), o. Christine Jamar (Belgium)
Calateon (Vitorio TO – Calatea/Ekstern), br./o. Marek Kondrasiuk (Poland)

Female Senior Championship

Felicia RLC (Shael Dream Desert – Camelia K/Donatello K), br. Haras das Paineiras (Brasil), o. Ajman Stud (UAE)
Inspired Najla (Ajman Moniscione – Natalia/Narym), br. Gerhard & Andrea Schick (Germany), o. Ajman Stud (UAE)
Wieża Mocy (QR Marc – Wieża Marzeń/Ekstern), br./o. Michałów Stud (Poland)

Male Senior Championship

Aja Angelo (WH Justice – Aja Aishaa/Ruger AMW), br. Aja Arabians (GB), o. Al Baydaa Stud (Egypt)
Muranas Jassehr (Major – Jana El Bri/CH El Brillo), br./o. Murana Arabians (Germany)
Psyche Keret (Khidar – Psyche Victoria/Ekstern), br./o. Chrcynno-Palace Stud (Poland)

Author: Monika Luft