The team of our stud had been carefully selected through many years of careful selection and constant verification of their competences. Strategic management is being coordinated by CEO Mr. Hubert Kulesza, extensive professional experience. Its activities are supported by technical management staff, so that the entire organization operates efficiently and flawlessly. The most important is that the breeding-thought is taken care by Mr. Władysław Guziuk, a long-term practice expert, which had appreciated the professionalism of the best domestic and foreign studs. Of course the quality of the stables and of horses’ comfort is also determined by a large group of employees exercising a continuous ongoing care of the animals and property. We are pleased to mention the wide range of supporters and friends of the stud, who often reinforce us with their advice and direct assistance.

Since our motto is continuous development and openness to cooperation, please contact us via the general e-mail address, if your are interested in work or internship in our stud.

Hubert Kulesza - General Manager
+48 601 290 190
Władysław Guziuk - Stable Manager
+48 606 288 336
Ryszard Jaranowski - Assistant General Manager
+48 791 075 064
Andrzej Szalkowski - Project & Maintenance Manager
+48 662 075 900
Ireneusz Olszewski - Financial Manager
+48 23 661 94 12/ 161